Intbusoft Automatic
Number Plate Recognition

iANPR SDK is a set of development tools for recognizing plate numbers. The main goal is to provide automated recognition of car numbers based on the OpenCV computer vision library. Features of the library include image processing in OpenCV format and the output of the recognition result: car numbers that are in the frame and their coordinates.

The count of numbers is unlimited. Version of the library supports the recognition of basic and transit Russian numbers, trailer numbers, taxi and police numbers, military numbers, numbers of motorcycles and tractors. And also a number of types of numbers for Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

On the product page you can download a demo version of the library, which is artificially slowed down and not intended for commercial use. In occasion of errors, remarks, recommendations to the library, write letters in the section "Support". If you need a version for recognizing numbers of a different type - please contact us.

Last news
  • iANPR 1.7
    August 20 2018
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    The demo version is only available in Windows. For Linux, check for 1.6 (a link to 1.7 is sent to clients). Changes: the quality of recognition of Kazakhstan numbers has been improved; added Russian diplomatic numbers; Added night recognition flag from the IR camera (where the colors of some types of numbers are accessed); corrected the work of CUSTOM type in iANPRcapture; improved overall recognition quality and performance; fixed bugs.

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  • iANPR 1.6
    February 05 2018
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    Changes: added experimental parallelization, configurable through the structure ANPR_OPTIONS, added the ability to configure rotation in the plane and deep into the camera to adjust the number, corrected errors in recognition, examples, etc., improved performance.

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  • Site
    October 17 2017
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    The iANPR SDK site has been changed.

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  • iANPR 1.5
    March 10 2017
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    Changes: adding a large count of types of plate numbers for Belarus; Adding a base type of numbers in Poland; Adding the basic type of plate numbers in Latvia; Adding the basic type of plate numbers in Estonia; Adding the basic type of Lithuania plate numbers; the addition of the main types of plate numbers in Ukraine; Adding the main types of plate numbers in Moldova; Add a custom type ANPR_CUSTOM_TYPE; Return all types of plate numbers with the flag RETURN_TYPE_NUMBER; Add the NO_LOW_RELIABILITY flag to delete plate numbers with low reliability; the definition of false positives is slightly revised; the color filter for selecting the type of plate number for color images is changed; fixed some small things and errors.

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